• Lunch box should include plastic tableware to keep the food fresh and has to be labeled.
  • For health and hygienic reasons, please provide your child daily a small water bottle.
  • Make sure to provide a healthy meal contains sandwich, fruits & vegetables.
  • We allow only milk, banana milk, strawberry milk and vanilla flavored milk.
Lunch Box Rules:

As we're encouraging children for healthy food habit, 

  • No nutella sandwiches, as this causes some kids to throw up
  • No swiss rolls or cake.
  • No boxed juices or sweetened drinks, only milk.
  • No chips or cookies, only on Thursdays we have free lunch box.
  • No fuzzy or soft drinks
  • No candy, chewing gums, chocolates even on Thursdays
  • Please make sure that your child has a bottle of water in his or her lunch box.

  • THURSDAY is sharing and free day.