Kortoba Pre-School boasts an extremely large and spacious classroom area. This classroom has different sections for each class, however, the openness of the classroom allows for kids of different age groups to cooperate and play together guaranteeing us, and you, the parents, that no social barrier will form around the child. The different sections of this enormous classroom are many, including the:
  • Home Corner
  • Dress Up and Imaginative Play Corner
  • Reading Corner
  • Classroom Section
  • Play area
  • Building Station
The learning section of this classroom has three different parts as well allowing each class to learn individually. Each section inculdes a large table with 15 chairs; this motivates group activities throughout the day, shelves with books and educational toys, a blackboard, and a teacher's area. The childrens' activities are held in these lesson areas which include painting, playdough, crafts, and the learning cirriculum material.

The home corner is a large area with many "home toys" such as a kitchen, a dresser, a washing machine, an iron and iron board, a bedroom, many soft toys varying from animals to rag dolls, a dining room, and many different foods such as vegetables and fruits. The Reading Corner is not the library and it is another area in the classroom where children can relax and read a book.

The building station has lego tables, building blocks, cars, and wooden doll houses. The play area is another huge section of Kortoba Pre - School. It has many toys, a ball pool, rocking horses, bicycles etc. The Dress Up and Imaginative Play area has many creative educational tools and a cabinet full of interesting costumes.