What You Should Know About  Two-Year Olds?
Two-year-olds can be terrific, and sometimes troublesome!
They are full of energy and curiousity, so they need teachers who are alert, understanding, flexible and creative.

What are two-year olds like?

  • Very active.
  • Can walk, run, jump on 2 feet, tip-toe and climb.
  • Can scribble, work a 3-4-piece puzzle, and string large beads, stack blocks, mold play dough and paint.
  • Can feed self, clean-up and is learning to use bathroom.

  • Generally play alone, but beginning parallel play.
  • Doesn't share well.
  • May be aggressive with other children.

  • Favorite words are "no" and "me do it".
  • Easily frustrated when cannot do something.
  • Doesn't like changes.
  • Emotional swings-laughing or crying.
  • Becoming independent and aware of "self".