What You Should Know About Four-Year Olds?
Four-year olds are fun, silly, imaginative, excitable, and often a little "wild". Teachers should be enthusiastic and sensitive to meet the changing needs of fours.

What are four-year olds like?

  • Can run, jump, gallop, hop on 1 foot, swing, bounce and catch a ball.
  • Can print name, cut on a line and draw simple objects.
  • Dresses self-button, snaps, zips, laces, buckles.

  • Loves other children
  • Shares toys and plays cooperatively.
  • Shows concern for feelings of others.
  • "Out of bounds" behavior at times.

  • Shows emotional extremes.
  • "Loves" one minute and "hates" the next.
  • May show fears.
  • Is bold, adventurous, and sure of self.
  • Highly imaginative