Kortoba Preschool has been serving the needs of the children since 1977. We, at KPS, firmly believe in offering a program that promotes healthy development by creating a warm, loving, safe, positive and fun environment. We provide children learning opportunities for social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. 

The program is flexible so children always feel included. We encourage independence, self expression, and respect for others as well as our environment. The KPS Program, additionally, focuses on the children’s wealth of energy and gross motor capabilities. 

KPS establish fair and consistent classroom rules, offer a wide variety of activities to keep the children occupied and stimulated. We offer praise for appropriate behavior too. 

KPS help the children learn to use their words to express feelings and solve problems. We provide choices to re-direct the children. If a child’s behavior is inappropriate, we will speak to the child, stating the problem, help him/her choose a better behavior, and re-direct when appropriate. Most of all, we try to set a good example by being proper role models.

KPS welcome, at any time, comments you may have on our program content, structure, schedule or any other matter. We have created a website with you in mind. Our goal is for the web site to be an extension of our school to involve parents in our learning, activities, and academic progress.

Our website allows us to maintain a strong, positive line of communication that is open between your home and the school. Your parental participation and input are the most invaluable tools we have as child care advocates. So, please feel free to voice your concerns and suggestions!

Kortoba Preschool thank you in advance for considering our school. We will try our best to meet your expectations because we too feel that your children deserve quality care that exudes optimal growth experiences, and maximizes the learning potential of these very important years of your child’s life.

We hope that our children are challenged but never pushed, independent yet teachable. As we strive to balance an academically rich environment with a creative/exploratory one, fostering a love for learning is our ultimate goal!


Mrs. Maggie Al-Wazzan
School Director

Welcome Parents!
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we welcome you to Kortoba Preschool (KPS).