This class is for two years old. This class teaches kids the shapes, colors, numbers, and other important skills. The daily skills a child needs to learn are also taught in this class. Some are such as wearing their jackets, eating properly, holding a book and flipping the pages correctly, etiquette etc. It prepares them for their first year of pre-school. Students in this class also learn how to cooperate with other students, primarily in playing. Students are also involved in dress - up and imaginative play.
Classwork and Homework!
If you have lost the homework or your child was absent, simply click on the link below which willl take you to what you need.
Bridge Between Home and School
Please click on your child's name to view his/her report. When you do so you will be asked for a password. This password is unique to your child so no one else can see your child's personal data. Please make sure that no one other than who needs to, knows the password so that you can avoid hackers breaking into your child's account. The children's reports are updated daily and you can see the new report at 2 pm. The Bridge Report is meant only for the beginning of School Year. We will stop this program as soon we feel your child is settled at school.