Playground:   Developing Skills
               Through Indoor & Outdoor Play
Children need an outdoor place to play, whether they are attending preschool or daycare. Outdoor play enables young children to learn many things about the world. Many of the developmental tasks that children must achieve—exploring, risk-taking and fine and gross motor development. A preschool playground does not always need to be educational, as pieces which encourage movement and creativity may be more stimulating for small children.  This is exactly what Kortoba Preschool's playground is designed for.

Kortoba Pre-School Playground is equipped with: 
  • Climbing Structure & Slides is extremely creative, as well as carefully designed to allow children  space to play on climbing structures that include decks suited for toddlers’ heights. The right height, as well as a good allotment of space for running children, is important. Children will enjoy climbing around structures that challenge them. For older preschoolers, overhead climbing structures help them to develop upper body strength. Children also enjoy trike paths and themed playsets, which include space to run as well as pieces to encourage their imaginations.

  • Bicycle. Pre-schoolers love to pedal. This encouraged more pedaling and fitness by setting out a few tools and props so preschoolers can create their own bike obstacle course. Riding trikes and bikes is an outdoor fitness activity that raises the heart rate, develops coordination and strengthens leg and hip muscles. However, the most important thing is the safety of the children and that's why we have supplied them with helmets which hang under the treehouse. Preschoolers will spend hours inventing their own bike obstacle courses to ride bikes around and through.

  • Tree House and tents. A good playground must have playhouses, forts, and other structures that children can change, adapt, reconfigure, impose their own meaning on, and use to expand their creativity. The basic structure of four walls, a roof, and a window can be the the children's home, classrooms where they can read stories, or a place to just relax. Treehouses motivate imaginative play and help the children become more socially aware. The treehouses are usually used as treats for the children which they really love!

  • Sand Play & Equipments. A very important aspect of children's development are their motor-skills; and playing with sand improves their fine-motor skills and their hand-eye coordination. In addition, it also allows them to freely create whatever they want developing their imagination. Educationally, sand play gives them a sense of measurment and allows them to grow socially. It helps children cognitively by increasing their vocabulary, allowing them to understand cause and effect, and feeling different textures (senses).

  • Balancing Equipment helps children improve their gross motor skills. With the vast balancing equipment at Kortoba Preschool, children will not only improve their motor skills, but will also enjoy themselves at the same time. These equipment such as, bucket stilts, balancing snails, balancing beams, hopper balls, egg and spoon races, hula hoops, and many more all chalenge their bodies and gives them physical benefits.

  • Parachute. This is a fun way to build upper body strength for the children. Whether the kids are running under the parachute, controlling the balls over it, turning it round and round, or simply waving it about, they are sure to be having fun and building their motor skills at the same time!

Indoor Play
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