Oral and Listening Skills
Core Objectives:

  • Student will listen attentively while a story or instruction is given.

  • Student will recall the main event in a story and answer specific questions about it.

  • Student will make predictions about story conclusions.

  • Student will listen to others by following the listening process:
a. looking at the speaker

b. listening quietly

c. waiting patiently to ask questions

d. does not interrupt

  • Student will respond to simple directions, commands and questions.

  • Student will listen, learn and participate in rhymes, poems and finger plays.

  • Student will communicate in proper sentences.

  • Student will speak clearly.

  • Student will use a variety of words to express ideas.

  • Student will be able to discuss life experiences about themselves, families, etc.

  • Student will participate in "Show and Tell" lessons and describe and talk about an object brought to class.

  • Student will acquire new vocabulary taught in Theme Units.

  • Student will act out poems in class.