Dear Toddler,
Caring for you is a challenge, for I have to be quick on my feet to keep up with your bondless energy. I had to learn to read your cues, for it is not always clear when I should help or when you need to try to do it on your own.

I have to be readily available always to snuggle, sometimes just to nod and other times to be secure base, from which you leave to explore but to come back to when you need.

Together, we are finding that sensitive balance and understanding of each other.

Caring for you is rewarding, a worthwhile challenge, filled with growth and development of you, and of me as I, too, uncovered, through your discoveries, the simple joys and the excitement of the newness of it all that I had forgotten so long ago.

Together, we shared our excitement about the magical wonder of life.

Caring for you is my gift to you, for I understand you will not remeber much about me, what we explored together, what we learned together, but from me I pray you will get a love of learning and discovering a sense of trust and worthiness, that you will take with you into your future learning experiences and relationships.

Together, dear toddler, we have laid the foundation for a lifetime.

The educational program will provide the following:

  • Active participation through play activities, which are relevant, challenging and design to promote independent learning.
  • A literature-based framework that encompasses cognitive, social-emotional, communication language and sensory-motor development.
  • A literacy-rich environment that expands children's competence and methods of expression and broadens their desire to learn and read.

Mrs. Maggie Al-Wazzan
                                                                        School Director