Child Development
There are large differences in the rate at which children develop. Even when children are the same chronological age their level of knowledge and skills will vary widely.

Development is often uneven; children may develop more quickly in some areas than other.

Children need real life experiences interacting with concrete objects in order to construct knowledge.

Development cannot be "taught" or hurried, if children are forced to perform beyond their abilities it might damage their self-concept or cause negative attitueds about school.

Children have different interest style of learning, different interest needs and motivation.

Intellectual, social, emotional and physical developments are intricately interwoven. It is important to develop a well-rounded child with experiences in all the domains helping each child develop to his or her full potential physically, socially, emotionally and intelectually is a tremendous responsibility.

We are trying our best to provide the children with the kind of environment that will encourage them to learn, grow and be happy.