Characteristics of Three-Year Olds
Three-year-olds are cooperative, cheerful and eager to please. They enjoy new experiences, their friends and are becoming increasingly independent.

What are three-year olds like?

  • Can walk  backwards, run(swing arms), balance on one foot, Climb stairs alternating feet, ride a tricycle, and throw.
  • Has great control of hands.
  • Colors, cuts straight line, draw lines and circles.
  • Can pour juice, use a spoon and fork, dress and undress self.
  • Brushes teeth, washes hands, and has bladder and bowel control (most of the time!).

  • Likes friends.
  • Beginning to share toys and take turns.
  • Wants to help and please.
  • Enjoys imaginary play.

  • More confident of self.
  • Enjoys laughing.
  • May go through a difficult stage around 3 1/2.

  • Can speak most words clearly and make simple sentences.
  • Vocabulary is expanding.
  • Uses words to express feelings.
  • Can follow simple directions.

  • Curious about the world.
  • Name colors.
  • Recognizes name.
  • Counts to ten.
  • Can compare objects.
  • Beginning to recognize some shapes, letters, and numerals.
  • Attention span is increasing.