Characteristics of Five-Year Olds
                     What are five-year olds like?

  • Can hop, skip, gallop, throw and kick.
  • Writes names and copies simple shapes.
  • Handedness is established.
  • Draws recognizable figures, cuts, sews.
  • Ties shoes, combs hair and cares for self.

  • Conforms to group and folows rules.
  • Imaginative play is more elaborate.
  • Is eager to please adults.

  • Has good sense of self.
  • Shows pride in work.
  • Wants to give and receive affection.
  • Gets angry when he or she "can't do".

  • Communication well. Uses correct tense and speech patterns.
  • Can tell full name, address, phone number and birthday.
  • Enjoys books.
  • Can follow simple directions.
  • Can retell story in sequence.

  • Can identify letters and sounds.
  • Can match numerals and sets (1-10).
  • Can count to (2-20).
  • Knows prepositions; opposites.
  • Has a much longer attention span.
  • Beggining to recognize some shapes, letters, and numerals.
  • Attention span is increasing.