Always Say Goodbye
Leaving your child maybe as hard for you as it is for him or her. It might seem that leaving without saying goodbye could save you and your toddler from suffering through another separation. In fact, the opposite is true.

During the first three years of life, children learn that the world in which they live is a predictable and responsive place to be, or that it isn't. They learn this lesson from their caregivers. Parents and teachers who provide sensitive and predictable care to teach children to trust them.

You can help your child learn that although you may leave him or her, you will never disappear without a goodbye kiss and hug and a promise to return. At first, your child may not care too much when you leave. But as your child grows, so will his or her resistance to being separated from you. If you always say goodbye now, when it doesn't matter quite as much, when it does matter a lot, your child will remember the separation routine you have used over time and find it comforting. And, your child  will learn that you mean what you say- that you will come back, just like you said you would.